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The PharmGuard system is a thermoelectric-based system for controlling the temperature of EMS drug storage cabinets and containers. 

The PharmGuard ® is powered by 12 Volts DC and consumes a maximum of 5 amps or 60 watts of electrical power when running at full output. The PharmGuard® 150 draws 9.8 Amps of current at the full output. The PharmGuard ® systems can be supplied with a custom power supply that provides electrical power from both the 120-volt shoreline connection as well as 12 volts DC from the vehicle electrical system. The power supply automatically switches from the shoreline power to the vehicle's power supply when the 120-volt AC shoreline is disconnected. Power consumption is significantly lower after the temperature inside the cabinet or container stabilizes. 

The PharmGuard ® provides cooling when the ambient temperature exceeds 75º F and maintains the internal temperature of the drug storage container to approximately 75º F or 23º C. When the ambient temperature drops below 59º F or 15º C the system provides controlled heating to maintain the temperature at 59º F or 15º C. When temperatures are between 59º F / 15º C and 75º F / 23º C the system provides only air circulation inside the drug storage cabinet. In this mode of operation, the system draws minimal electrical current

(< 1/3 amp). 


The  PharmGuard thermoelectric system consists of two or more elements of n and p-type doped semiconductor material that are connected electrically in series and thermally in parallel. These thermoelectric elements and their electrical interconnects typically are mounted between two ceramic substrates. The substrates hold the overall structure together mechanically and electrically insulate the individual elements from one another and from external mounting surfaces.

The PharmGuard ® has no user controls. It switches from cooling to heating modes automatically. The system has only one moving part, a small fan to circulate air thru the storage container. Temperature is sensed with a medical grade sensor and each unit has an integrated digital thermometer for easy temperature monitoring. The system uses an all-solid state design for reliable service and a long life. Proven digital control technologies are utilized to insure accurate temperatures, stability and reliability.

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