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TEMPsafe is an advanced thermoelectric-based system designed to be installed with EMS drug and pharmaceutical storage cabinets. This innovative solution ensures that drugs and medicines are maintained at their optimal temperatures, enhancing their efficacy and safety during transport and storage. With precise temperature regulation, TEMPsafe helps prevent the degradation of critical medical supplies, ensuring they are ready for use in any emergency situation. Its integration into an adequately insulated cabinet will provide first responders with a reliable and efficient means to safeguard their pharmaceutical inventory, ultimately supporting better patient outcomes.


• Compact (only 10” X 5.84” X 7.75”)
• Mounts and operates in any orientation: horizontal, vertical, etc.
• Low vibration and noise
• No moving parts except fans
• Environmentally safe
• No compressor, fluorocarbons, or filters
• Virtually maintenance-free operation
• Stainless steel exterior housing
• Efficient heat exchanger mode (ECO-Mode)
• Easy to use Pivot Clean feature
• For compartments up to 7.0 cubic feet in volume
• Voltage 12 VDC



Key control temperatures: 

  • Active Cooling: 95 °F, ensuring efficient cooling when required.

  • Heat Exchanger (ECO-Mode): 77 °F, providing an energy-efficient mode for maintaining temperature.

  • Active Heating: 50 °F, enabling the device to keep contents warm in cooler environments.

  • Typical Hysteresis: 41 °F, indicating the temperature range within which the system operates to maintain stability.

  • Operating Ambient Range: -40°F to 158°F, allowing the device to function in extreme ambient conditions.

  • Operating Enclosure Range: -14°F to 140°F, ensuring reliability within diverse storage environments.

This robust temperature management system ensures that medications and other sensitive supplies are kept at ideal conditions, making it an essential component of EMS cabinets by 1st In Emergency Products.

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