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GEARsafe, the new Filtered Compartment for Fire Service!

Picture by @rfcemergencylighting
GEARsafe cabinet / Picture by @rfcemergencylighting

At 1st In Emergency Products, we are always working hard to develop the finest products for our customers. Whether you are a fire chief that is interested in purchasing new equipment or a firefighter that is looking for new tools to recommend to your fire department, we are laser-focused on exceeding our customers’ expectations.

A great example of that is GEARsafe filtered compartments. We are proud to offer GEARsafe to all of our customers. Using GEARsafe and a Fire Command cabinet, you can complete your best work. Rather than worrying about the quality of your equipment as you are fighting a fire, you can be 100% focused on the job that is in front of you.

What You’ll Find with GEARsafe

GEARsafe filtered compartments our commitment to developing the highest quality products for fire departments across the country.

So what exactly is GEARsafe? At its core, GEARsafe is a fire service product and passively filtered compartment. It can help you transport your fire service gear from any type of fire scene back to your fire station so that your gear can be contaminated. As we’ll discuss below, GEARsafe is found in several of our Fire Command cabinets. Better yet, you can securely transport your gear while conforming to NFPA 1851 guidelines. Whether you follow the NFPA 1851 guidelines or are considering following them in the future, you can be confident that GEARsafe complies with those guidelines.

As you can see on our website, GEARsafe, which offers passive ventilation, is special for so many reasons. For instance, by purchasing GEARsafe for your fire service equipment, you get to capitalize on things like a wide spectrum filter that is designed for fire service. GEARsafe contains a sealed latch and door, which can give you the confidence that your equipment is secure. GEARsafe has easy filter maintenance and fits into existing cabinet designs (like the Fire Command cabinets that you can find on our website).

That’s not all. By purchasing GEARsafe, you get an easy compartment clean out with Scorpion Coating. While it is important to purchase fire service equipment that is functional in the most stressful moments, it must also be easy to maintain. The ability to easily clean out GEARsafe creates one less thing that you need to worry about after performing your difficult work. Ultimately, GEARsafe lets you keep your gear separate from your vehicle cabin. You can avoid any intermingling and be confident that you are successfully complying with NFPA 1851.

GEARsafe cabinet by 1st In Emergency Products

You can find GEARsafe in several of our Fire Command cabinets. For instance, you can take a look at FC-GS-1. This Fire Command cabinet not only has a GEARsafe filtered compartment, but it also has features like a sealed latch and door, radio faceplate, ratcheting magnetic command, and a storage area. This is a great Fire Command cabinet that provides you with plenty of functionality to do your best work.

There is also the FC-GS-4 Fire Command cabinet. Once again, this model contains a GEARsafe filtered compartment. But along with that, you’ll find features like a sealed latch and door, adjustable shelf, radio faceplate, side flip ratcheting magnetic command, storage area, and extinguisher storage.

To see all of the Fire Command cabinets that contain GEARsafe, go ahead and click here.

At the same time, it’s important to mention one more thing about GEARsafe.

Also, GEARsafe was created to help cancer awareness, to be able to provide this awareness we patterned up with Carney Strong Initiative, which consists in donating $100 for every GEARsafe sale.

Carney Strong donates things like supplies and educational materials to small firehouses around the country. We are extremely proud to work with Carney Strong and hope that you can join us in this effort.

Keeping You Safe

Ultimately, GEARsafe is a fantastic tool that is specifically designed for fire service. In the United States, we are the leader in this type of product and we know how important is to assist the firefighters during their mission. In the end, it is an investment that is well worth making.

If you would like to learn more about GEARsafe, our Fire Command cabinets, or any of our other fire service equipment, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also call our office at (973) 900-1212.

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